Mayday hosted another concert this year in Singapore. This will be the 2nd concert that I have attended this year. Unfortunately, the concert is being hosted at Singapore Stadium at Kallang. This means that the singers will look super small if you are not buying the expensive tickets.

We got the $200 +- tickets and it felt not good enough. Arrrgghhhh.

Anyway, we reached Kallang at approximately 4pm and to our dismay, some of the merchandise were already sold out.

The tee-shirt cost $42 per piece and we snag 1 each. Size S was sold out though.

The design that I have gotten seemed to be a Singapore limited Edition.

As I was seated quite far, my photos did not turn out as good.

The light sticks were very cool as Mayday could somehow control the lights on the stick. All the lights will simultaneously change colours, turn on, turn off etc. It feels so surreal until you see it. Furthermore, the scale at which all the stick change colours is amazing.

I have uploaded some of the concert into YouTube – – > My recorded Concert

However, I was disappoint with the special guest being 李终胜 who came and sing 山丘. I’m probably expecting someone who I know better. Arrghghhghgh.

Overall, the concert is not bad. Mayday sang a lot of their famous songs and the concert was approximately 3 hours long. This concert seemed to be their 2nd concert as there were many fans who attended the exact same concert 6 months ago.

I think the concert at the end of the year by Mayday will be the same 人生无限公司 again. Further, there were 40 thousand fans in the concert with many merchandise being sold. I think it’s a good investment. I hope this is the last of my concert this year cause I need to save money~~~~~~