Hectic day as we travel from danshui to ximending to deposit our language before venturing to Chia yi. We don’t want to carry our heavy luggage all the way to the mountains. Haha.

Since we booked our tickets online, collection has simple. We can collect our tickets via vending machines in Taipei main station.

You can board the high speed rail as late as 15 minutes before the ride. Food are also allowed on the train. (but there isn’t much for around the station)

I recommend the following app if you need to take the rail. It give detailed information that I am not able to identify in the rail. Do give this a try if you understand Chinese.


Finally reached and took a taxi to our hotel.

Our hotel is hotel plus chiayi and we were surprised by how well it looked. Although its not near the train station, its actually near other attractions.

My toilet comes with bidet. Haha.

I definitely recommend people to stay here.

We took a 7 min walk to Hinoki village.

We chilled and rest in the nice room for a while before trying to head to a nearby night market.

We tried to take a bus, but somehow the bus driver doesn’t stop to pick us up. This happened for 3 bus. Not sure if we did anything wrong.

It took some time, but we decided to walk 20 minutes instead. (if not we have no night activity). I we ate the “Guo Jia chicken rice “. Wasn’t too bad and relatively cheap. Everybody should try.

There was also a bean curd shop. Apparently the shop has been operating for more than 30 years. I can’t taste any difference from other bean curd though. Haha. But it is cheap and look old school.

Shop around the area before cab back to hotel. (110 twd only)