Is Friday and is time for our usual Friday movie date? I just want to faster leave my office and not do work any more.

I ate the new Macdonald set potato ice cream and I think it taste ok? It seemed to be the usually vanilla ice cream with additional flavoring added. My friend said that it taste good.

Before we watch our movie, we bought a few snack to munch during the movies but it turn out to be our only dinner for the night. Haha. The “roti prata” by Liang is actually quite good. It is not for everybody but it definitely suited my taste bud. I might try again if i have chance.

We finally went to watch the movie Aladdin. I think it is a nice movie and I have sufficient laugh throughout the show. The movie follows the actual story quite closely. The movie can also be called Aladdin and the love story of Genie. I would recommend the movie to everyone including adults.

End of my Friday, start of weekends