I just went on a short trip to Bangkok with my family and Bangkok is sooooo hot. Before the plane even land, the pilot announced that the temperature is 35 degree celcius.

Everywhere is hot. It would be good to get a portable fan and an umbrella with UV protection before coming.

We landed in Suvarnabhumi Airport and went over to their food court to eat some food before heading to our accommodation and next destination.

The food court is very bad. Out of the 3 or 4 dishes that we bought, they were all plain bad.

We headed over to the taxi stand and took a taxi. Somehow the taxi charged us a flat rate instead of going by meter. Hmmmm. I wonder if this is the case?

We dropped our luggage at our hotel before we headed out to our first destination of the day, chatuchak.

We took the BTS to chatuchak. It is rather simple to buy tickets for th BTS. You just need to check the station number and tell the counter staff what you want to buy. Usually most ticket cost 40 baht each. We cannot buy from the kiosk as it can only accept coin and line pay.

The nearest station is Mo Chit. We were greeted by a super warm sun immediately as we step off the train.

The place is so crowded and hot. Almost all of us received a sun burnt after spending few hours here. Its so hard to believe that people can get sunburnt while doing shopping.

I always eat the coconut ice cream when I come here. The ice cream are usually on a coconut husk and you get to choose the ingredients for the coconut.

There seemed to have more stalls that sells the same items compared to the past. Several male and female clothing shop, shops that sell soap are all repeating, even with the same logo.

We went back to our hotel to catch a quick break after shopping.

We are staying at Marvin Villa Hotel. Agoda reviews suggest that there are shopping below the place but the whole “night market” was practically closed all the way. Only 1 of the restaurants and massage parlour remained open.

I went for a quick massage within the hotel. It seemed to cost the same as market (if not slightly cheaper in the afternoon)

Bangkok is all about massaging. A foot massage typically cost 200-250 baht in the afternoon and will increase to 300 baht in the evening. It is still quite affordable and everybody should try.

Also, it would be good to give a tip of 50 baht after doing the massage.

After my massage, we went to have dinner at “the place 168”

The Place 168 Restaurant
19/1 ถนนเพชรบุรี ซอยเพชรบุรี19 แขวงพญาไท Khwaeng Thanon Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand
+66 2 657 0880
link to map

This was 1 of our more decent food and it is relatively cheap. Definitely recommend this place.

And finally after dinner, it is another round of shopping.

Our first stop was platinum mall. It was mainly female clothing. For guys, you can probably only get tee shirts.

We chance upon this night market outside of palladium mall. This is also 1 of those smaller night market that has existed forever but not well known.

We also headed to “Big C” to check out things to buy as souvenir. Many people seemed to be buying instant noodle and cuttle fish.

The cuttle fish was very popular. Frankly speaking, I don’t really like it as it is kind of spicy.

And it is finally time to go home to sleep. Tired 😪😪😪

Day 2