Sunday was Father’s Day and similar to Mother’s Day, is time for another 2 round of non stop eating.

The first meal of the day was BBQbox at Chinatown with 👰family.

The food was kind of cool as we ate BBQ on sticks. The staff would BBQ everything in the kitchen before bringing them out. The bbq-ed food would reside on a box that has 2 candles that provide the heating to ensure that the food is still warm.

This also means that you get to enjoy BBQ without having the smell of BBQ in your hair and clothes.

Here is some of the things we ordered.

Stacking with discount from Eatigo, I think that the price is still within reasonable range.

After eating the main dish, it’s time for some desserts. We headed over to Apivary and ate ice cream with waffles. The price was quite pricey but it’s a special occasion.

Somehow I keep seeing a face.

Our next stop is having dinner at Bigmama Korean restaurant with my family.

We have been patronising this place for a few time and I think that it is simply underrated. Some of the dishes may be slightly pricey but they do offer a nice Korean dinning experience.

They even included 6 side dishes where some of them are even nicer than the mains. We even requested too up.

The plum tea were also very nice as well.

And finally, it’s the end of father’s day. I guess it will still be a while more before I will need to celebrate Father’s Day for myself as well. 😂😂😂