Recently i chance upon this article from AsiaOne where they make soft boil eggs using air fryer. I thought this is interesting and went to try out.

Apparently it took my 3 times to get the eggs to get the correct timing. The articles state that we should air fry the eggs at 100 degree for 11 minutes.

My friends tried first using his telfal machine and found that 11 minutes is not good enough for him. He advised us to try 14 minutes instead.

By the way, i am using this particular model from Mayer. It’s the cheap version that cost less than $100.

Since then, I have been eating eggs for a while.

Eggs at 14 minute
Eggs at 11 minute
Eggs at 9 minute

It turns out that I need slightly below 9 minute to get the soft boil egg that I want.

For people who have yet to try, soft boil egg with dark soya sauce is the best. It’s somehow a Singapore/Malaysia thing that is quite easy to make. This is usually meant for breakfast but you do see people eating whole day occasionally. Some people also dip ๐Ÿž bread into the eggs.

I do recommend people to try as this is easy to make.

Additionally, My air fryer is not dirty after cooking the eggs. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…