This is the 5th time the Singapore Government (4th time for temask foundation. But I would just categories them as the same) has been issuing mask to the public. Singapore Government has done a good job in enforcing the use of mask and giving people mask does helps. The use of cloth mask ensure that people does not have the excuse to not wear mask.

Additionally, the mask given are not of any poor quality. Apart from the 1st mask, the remaining mask being distributed have a water repellent coating that works well for water droplets in the air.

Vendor machine stationed for collection

This collections starts from 1st March 2021 and ends on 14 March 2021. Each residents are entitled to 1 mask instead of the 2 mask from last time.

There are 4 size this time: S, M, L, XL. Most people should be taking either M or L.

I took an L and the lady who is helping to top up the mask also took and L. I suppose L is the standard size to take.

Comparison with the 3rd mask
Comparison with 4th mask (XL). The previous mask is slight too big for me.

The mask is made by livinguard. Additional mask can be procured for $10 at staymask or via PayLah app.

The selling point of this mask is that it has a “livinguard” technology that can removed virus and bacteria. The mask has even been tested against certain covid variant. As such, instead of washing everyday, you can choose to wash once a week (assuming not dirty). This makes it last for approximately 7month (30 weeks) instead of 30 days. The mask is good for 30 wash and is advised that resident can use it as a double mask in future if needed.

I do like this mask but it’s apparently only a 2 tier mask. I feel like I may buy the 3 tier mask instead if I like the current mask. A 2 tier mask is good for casual use but not in hospital.

A mask cost $15 in Lazada

The 3 tier cost $30 though. Which becomes quite expensive for a mask. If the current mask feels good then I might just buy.


Singapore Government has really done a good job. Giving mask to the public is not an obligation especially when the price of mask has gone down. The mask given are quite high in quality and expensive. Compared to other countries where they are still arguing on the use of mask, Singapore has give and enforce the use of mask. This has helped to curb the spread of covid.

It’s really a wonder time to be living in Singapore except that I have run out of place to travel😭😭😭