Went to Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

In short, this place is an Indonesia buffet where people who like spicy food will enjoy. Spicy food seemed relatively spicy(said by others). For me who doesn’t eat spicy food, the food choice seemed to be more limited, especially when there is no Japanese section.

This is the dessert concert. The green thing in a bowl is quite nice. It taste like some pandan pastry mixed with guala melaka. The rest are the mini cake and they taste normal, similar to other typical buffet cake

These are the limited “she’ll” dishes that they offer. Seemed like snail?? There is also a chicken liver.

These are the main dishes.

I like it when buffet offer “Pengat durian”. Theirs taste quite Ok and enjoyable. However, they offer lesser portion so you might need to wait frequently for the dish to be refilled. I saw the dish being refilled 3 or 4 times during my 3 hour meal time. Haha.

These are all the non spicy food that I took. Seemed average if it is all the Jon spicy food.

Lastly, since I went during CNY, 鱼生 is part of the deal. The staff will say all the prosperity words when pouring all the sources before we start the 捞.


This place is worth visiting if:

  1. You like spicy food
  2. There is promotion
  3. You are finding halal restaurants

Rating: 3/5