Macdonald launched a new meal in Singapore today. They are selling fish & fries meal and sweet chili burger meal.

I ordered the fish & fries, since I can’t take spicy product.

Here is a picture of the food. The meal comes with 2 fish, 1 small fries, 1 small drink and 1 chocolate pie. The meal cost $9. Overall, I guess this is a meal that you will only try once and never again. The meal taste average and slightly “long John silver”-ish.

The chocolate pie has a rather “molten” chocolate as the chocolates will flow out when you are eating. The crust seemed to be too flaky as my crust dropped was all over the place when I eat. The chocolate taste like those used in waffles (Meaning not expensive chocolate) and a bit milo-ish. But I do see myself coming back to eat the pie again. The pie is also quite cheap as it cost only $1.40.

This is how the pie looks like. Pure chocolate madness. Haha