These days, I seemed to be taking Jetstar for short trips. Although it is a budget airline, I feel that the pilots are more experience than other airline as the planes seemed to land better. The only cons for taking Jetstar would be the lack of in-flight entertainment that I can easily substitute with shows on my mobile phone.

Since my flight was around 5 hour long, we decided to opt for in-flight meal. For some unknown reason, I have chosen Chicken Rice while 👧 chose Peper Chicken Meal. I think that the chicken rice is nice. LOL. 😂😂😂

After a long flight, we finally touch down in Tao Yuan Airport. We bought our data sim and decided to take a taxi.

Before we manage to reach the taxi stand, some sketchy uncle approach us to take their car to Danshui for 1200NT. As the price is similar to uber, we decided to ride the car. We save about 2 hour of time traveling using public transport since there is no direct route to danshui.

This time, we are staying at danshui NY Hotel. This hotel is located just about the mini shopping mall, beside the train station on level 7. Its quite convient as everything is within reach.

My hotel occupies the entire level 7. My room is rather small, but it gets a good sea view. The staff are also very friendly when I messaged them through Facebook messenger.

The view from my room

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone looking stay in danshui.

As usual, if you go to danshui, there is no reason why you did not go to the danshui lao Jie (淡水老街). There plenty of food such as 阿给 (Only the first store near the entrance is the authentic store) and many others.

You can probably spent 2 hours over here.

Over here, you can also take a boat ride to either fisherman wharf (鱼人码头) or Bali. If you are going fisherman wharf, do come early as the last boat is at 5pm while Bali’s last boat is at 7pm.

We decided to go Bali and to our dismay, most of the shop are closed. (Due to bad weather and late timing at 6pm). Only 1 Street was open.

We concluded our day with oden at a shop near our hotel. Haha.