As mentioned previously, we took the car (300 TWD per passenger) to see sub rise. We took the famous train during afternoon and found it lacking any special feature.

Unfortunately, there was no sun. 😢😢😢

For people travelling, so now that sunrise here is approximately 30 minutes after Google’s estimation. Lost sunrise time shows the period where sky turns blue, however this is not the time that the sun actually rise. This should only happen here in Taiwan.

We went back our hotel to have our breakfast. Its was super crowded. 🤔🤔🤔

I like the fact that there was some frying egg for us. (and you can tell her things like having the egg to be easy side, sunny side or fully cooked)

We decided to check out early since it was raining. We had initially planned to leave at 1pm as our trains were 5pm. Since it was raining and we heard there was 土蹦(landslide? Not sure how to describe), we just left earlier.

This turns out to be a blessing in disguise as there was an earth quake of 5.2 magnitude at Chia yi. This would suspends the train causing us to be stuck in the middle of no where. 😱😱😱

I bought my bento from the station It’s a bit different from those that was bought from Taipei Main Station. I think it taste so so.

A passenger spilled water on the train. The train staff came and wipe all the floor using a cloth (Maybe they don’t have a mop) In Singapore, the staff would rather let the floor be wet than clean it. I’m impressed with the service provided by the staff.

Since we came back much earlier, we decided to chuck our luggage into these lockers. It’s also super cheap at 10 TWD per hour. These can be found in plenty of train stations.

Then we traveled to this place for a coffee. I was expecting it to be a cafe, but it turns out that there isn’t even a place to sit. The coffee do taste nice, and the doggy marshmallow are super instaworthy.

However, the waiting time is sooooooo long. The owner grind the coffee bean, measure the milk on a weighing machine (10gram), pour hot water onto the grind bean etc.

I find that he repeat the process in a super inefficient method. Who grinds measure and grind coffee beans only when making? Who makes coffee 1 cup by 1 cup. In the end, it took us 1hour, just to wait for 3 customer.

We walked to Shongshan Culture district with the coffee in our hands. (I accidentally drank away my melted doggy mashmallow😲😲😲)

The place is quite nice and has various exhibit. You can easily spend more 2 hours here. You can also take nice photos over here with all the old buildings. This place seemed to be a place for start ups to sell their stuff.

After that we went to have our dinner back at Ximending. We patronised Guo Ba steamboat. The steamboat is quite nice with many ingredients. The meat are sliced and kept on a plate in the fridge. It looks very hygienic.

Apart from meat, there are vegetables, seafood, mushroom, desserts and ice cream. The ice cream are from movenpick and hagen dagz. We spent 3 hours eating over here. Argghhh. The night was over after dinner. 🤤🤤🤤🤤

We finally went back to our hotel after a long day. We are staying at Via Hotel. This hotel is super convenient and quite nice. I recommend people to stay in this hotel. Although they do not provide breakfast or dinner, the have a food bar for customers. They provide eggs in the morning and cup noodles at 9pm at no extra charge. (First come first serve)

Also, the room is nice and comes with a massage machine. They even have a laundry room with washing machine and dryer (You need to deposit coin).

However, I find that the wall is a bit thin. Hence, you can hear people walking past every morning.

Also, as the room has no window, it’s hard to tell the time, especially in the morning when it’s time to wake up. (Might be a pro than con to other people)