My Saturday is so happening. Haha. I seemed to have done a lot at many different places.

First is Dead Pool movie

We finally went to catch the movie Dead Pool 2. Having watch Dead Pool 1, I am excited to watch the sequel.

In case you never watch the first movie, here’s a summary in 5 min.

I think that the movie is quite nice and I like how the director is able to shoot the movie in a non conventional method. The type of jokes matches my frequency. Haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

However, 👩thinks that the movie is so so with some parts that doesn’t make sense.

I still think that this movie is a must watch.

Also, there is no end scene credit after the credit.

Next is CEE consumer electronic fair.

After the movie, we went to the CEE show at suntec. This time round, the electronic show seemed to be disappointing as it only occupy 1. 5 floor. As usual, it’s only good if you are buying things. It doesn’t seemed to be nice to window shop.

The deals at this show seemed to be equivalent online. So it seemed to defeat the purpose of going down.

Lastly is Artbox

Next, we went to ArtBox 2018 at MBS. Similar to past 2 years, the place is super crowded with many people.

This year seemed like it’s much more organised as there are more space for walking and sitting. There are also many store that is setup and run by people from Thailand, as well as local shops.

The food here is quite expensive as most cost $6 to $12. I even heard an auntie say: “why is something that sells for $1 cost $10 here?”

Most of the things here are also more expensive compared to Bugis Street as stress and noise cost $20 upwards. Luckily, there are a few shops that sells cheap clothing.

I don’t think any of the food that other people/blog post are nice. These blogger only make the queue longer as people queue for these Instagram worthy food. Food that had long queue doesn’t seemed exceptionally nicer.

In the end we settled for Lok Lok and bubble tea.

Charges per stick, $1.50 to $3. The mushroom are super nice.

We ordered this drink. The bubbles are so hard and not nice. Zzz.

I impulsively bought a pair of spoon for $12. Hmmmm. I wonder why. They are so cute….