It’s the annual event for the Malays in Singapore. This is 1 of Singapore’s largest night market(Pasa Malam) for the period of Hari Raya Puasa. There should be many food store as well as others things to shop.

We went down to squeeze with everyone in the never ending crowd to experience the atmosphere. However, we find that the Pasa Malam this year to be a little boring; to the extent that we ate our dinner at 1km mall rather than at the Pasa Malam itself. Nevertheless, I still think that this place is still an excellent place to chill for at least 1 time, especially for non-malay in singapore.

Every ramly burger seemed to have a long queue. I’m not sure why also.

We bought this at $3.50 only to find another store that sells for $2.50. I don’t blame the stall for increasing the price but rather the organiser who charges exorbitant rental cost.

There were also other parts of the Pasa Malam by different vendor. As it’s further from the main street, the crowd is also comparatively lesser.

The wisma bazaar has air con for their booth!! It’s so “shiok” to walk in after squeezing with other people from the main street.

I think that this is 1 of the stall that looked cool. Nevertheless, I did not try as it seemed rather expensive.

Eventually, we left the Pasa Malam disappointed as it felt like we were walking past the same stalls over and over again.

We happen to reach the mall at 7pm, so all the Muslim seated in the resturants already have their food served, but can only eat after the break fast timing. Eventually, We settled for a non-hahal bak-kut-teh at 1km mall to avoid the crowd. Haha.

Shag day😫😫😫