I attended 2 weddings in a weekend. Time flies and everybody around me is getting married. It will soon be my turn so I guess I will go more wedding to see how people do their wedding. Whether I am there just to fill table or was sincerely invited, I am still glad that I was invited.

The first wedding that I attend was a wedding lunch at Fullerton Hotel. The dishes was good, and atmosphere is good. But the food portion is smaller as it was served in individual bowls.

The free gift provided by Fullerton is quite good though.

This is the first time I receive shower gel and body lotion.

The next wedding is at Hotel Jen. I think that the food can be improved. Its definitely not the worse food that I had.

My Muslim friend even received a Jap Bento in replacement for non halal fried chicken. Hmmmm.

Nevertheless, I congrats all my friends who got married on that day.