We went on a short road trip to Malacca/Melaka. This is a 3d2n trip to Malaysia where we drove up to melaka.

We started the trip by going to Tuas checkpoint since it was reported that there is a jam at woodland checkpoint.

We settled with bee hoon for breakfast at the nearest checkpoint.

It suddenly occurred to us that drink in Malaysia tends to be more sweet. So it is advisable to order drinks with less sugar.

Our tummy wasn’t exactly full, hence we made a detour to Kluang Mall to window shop before we go to Kluang rail way to have a quick snack.

The food over here is really cheap and coffee is decent.

The nasi lemak is super small and barely bigger than my palm. This place is also just 1 stop after JB, so it is quite accessible.

You can also take nice rail way photo and there is very little people to bother you. However, for my 30 minutes of photo taking, I did not see any train as well. Hmmm. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

We travelled for several hours before we finally reach our hotel. This time, we chose to stay at Prima Hotel Melaka. The hotel seriously looked good only in photos.

All the photos about the hotel looked very good until you arrive in person. The hotel is passable at best and I would definitely increase my budget to stay at better hotel if possible. Everything is usable, but not good.

Also, the hotel cost around $30 SGD per night. You get what you pay😝😝😝

The price allows me to have this hotel a pass as the room is still at least clean enough to sleep in.

Furthermore, it’s actually walkable to all the attraction nearby. (10 minutes walk)

We went for our lunch at Formosa Chicken rice. There were many branch and we settled for the 1 near our hotel. (not at Jonker Street).

We probably went to early as there wasn’t much crowd. The chicken rice ball are way too small. Our chicken and roast pork was cold when it came.

I guess this place is overrated. Can be skipped. πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

It was already 5plus after our chicken rice, so we headed to Jonker Street to experience the night life.

As expected, its was super crowded. Every where is people. 😱😱😱😱

We also headed to the MAME place to visit. But we found out that the museum portion is closed. 😱😱😱

Also, to join the “make MAME” tour, you need a minimum of 30 pax and contact them directly on their Facebook.

You can also get a boat ride that last for 40 minutes? I did not take the ride though. Haha.

We settled for for dinner at a Nyonya restaurant.

The food took super long to come. (1hour?)

Since I don’t take spicy food, there are many Nyonya things that I can’t eat. Nevertheless, I think that the food is quite nice and suit my taste. I do recommend people to try.

The actual recommended restaurant on all the brochures in Melaka seemed to point to another restaurant that have poor review in Google Map.

We also took some photos of the church at night. Haha. Selfie time.

After our dinner, we headed back to our hotel.

Ps, our hotel barely had English Channel. 😫😫😫

Malacca Trip day 2 and 3