Although it is still kind of early to celebrate Christmas, we still decided to head down to Christmas wonderland at Singapore Garden By the bay.

Overall, the place is the same as the place in 2017. There are food store, a tent for performance at extra cost, ice skating ring (wax skating) and game booth. The game booth and photo booth were almost exactly the same as previous years.

Also, the place has varying entrance fee depending on how early you go. Also, if you pre-book your tickets online at least 1 day before, you will get a $2 discount.

There are also groups who was singing Christmas Carol.

There are some food store. It is still better to get your food before coming here to eat as most of them are average at best.

The entrance ticket also include a lucky draw. We manage to win 1 free gift. The selection of the free gift is rather limited, but the best gift is probably a pair of tickets to the magic show. We did not have time to go for the magic show so we opted for a photo at the photo booth.

Also, do not get the 1 for 1 food ticket. It is only valid for some of the more cheapo food that is not even worth even after discount. Eg, Chinese store offer popcorn at $6, another shop offer hotdog bread instead of their burger and ice cream store doesn’t even accept it.

The highlight for the event is a rhapsody with the garden by the bay trees. However, I find it underwhelming than the normal lighting. It was followed by a “snow” time after the light show. This year, the “snow” happens outdoor. The snow is in the picture.

Overall, you should not come to this place during Christmas as it would be too crowded. Best to come during other day and spend your Christmas on better places.