To me, Lokkee is a Chinese restaurant that is more expensive than normal “Zi Char”. We visited the branch in Plaza Singapura and it was really expensive.

It may be due to the price tag, but you can easily reserve a table even on the actual day using Chope. I reserved my table of 6 at 6 pm just 3 hour before my dinner.

Furthermore, you can purchase extra coupons on Chope to save 10%.

These vouchers are also stackable which means you can purchase multiple such voucher. Do note that you need to inform the waiter when placing order, if not it is not valid.

Also, if you have a table of 10, there are options for private rooms.

The Food

The food is nice though. It is worth eating if you do not mind the price. I think that the fried rice, pineapple beef and egg drop soup taste good. The noodles has a weird presentation though.

If you order the pineapple beef, they will actually light the pineapple on fire before you taste the beef. This dish is quite nice and doesn’t have a strong “beef” taste.

I have no idea why the wet tissue is in the shape of condom though.


68 Orchard Road #03-01, Plaza, Singapore 238839
6884 4566

Rating: Worth coming once in a while if you do not mind the high price