Happy new year!

Another year, another day of fireworks. In Singapore, count down celebrations usually include watching firework at Marina Bay. For most people like us, who did not pay to join the celebration at Singapore’s floating platform, will usu hang area Marina Bay area to catch the fireworks.

This year we decide to do our count down at National Gallery at Civic District. We also signed up for HPB countdown fitness activities where they will do some sort of exercise to promote healthy living. The fitness dance started when we arrive at 10 pm and we can get goodie bag if we register. We always wanted to join after seeing it the previous year.

Doing countdown here seemed to be the better spot as it is significantly less crowded. There are still a lot of people but at least I have some breathing space compared to esplande.

There was also some mini fireworks during the middle of the workout.

There was also free food and drinks; they offer Mua Chee, coffee and tea.

We also hang around for the free movies screening and this is also the place to catch the fireworks from another angle. This year, they are playing “night in the museum”. (It’s such an old movie though) Previous year they played “wonder women”. Nevertheless, its kind of cool to watch a movie in the outdoor once in a while.

I think that this is quite a decent photo. 😊😊😊

Also, this is the goodie bag that we have received.

Maybe we will continue to do our count down at national gallery………….