Macdonald has debuted a new menu. There is no main dish, but plenty of new sides.

First, there is the most anticipated salted egg fries. Some may dislike the dish as it does not taste like the usual salted egg sauce; the sauce taste sour instead of salty. A rather strange choice of sauce.

Next, there is also a peach pie. It kind of taste similar to apple pie, but has a peach taste instead.

There is also a “Har Cheong Gai” chicken which was a reintroduction again as special dish. I did not try it though. I’ll update when I try again.

Lastly, there is also a series of pandan soft serve. I only tried the cone as I do not want chocolate or Oreo to disturb the taste. The soft serve tasted exactly like pandan cake and this reminds me of the time when MacDonald served a pandan drink. This meant that the soft serve is just a product of flavoring.

Since these promotion dish are just sides, it is worth trying as it is not too expensive. The salted egg fries is an additional $1.20, the peach pie is an additiond$1.40, the drumlet is $2.40 and the pandan cone is $1, they are all not too expensive to try.