This has got to the most noisy library that I have ever been. The new library opens at harborfront on 12 Jan 2019 as it took over the location of the previous Daiso.

During the first day, there were so many people who visited this library. This library is also equipped with many new technologies to enhance the whole library experience. There were many computers around and you can easily see older people browsing through the digital newspaper on the computer. (It’s amazing why there are people who took time to visit the library on the first day to read newspaper)

The selling point of this library should be the awesome view. The privilege of being able to read a book while facing the sea, under an aircon would be the most fascinating things to do. However, it is super crowded and almost impossible to find a seat.

There is also some sort of digital screen where you can play a game with the computer. The objective is to let the computer guess what you draw rather than you guessing what the computer draw. I guess this is some AI in works, or it could be Google. (I have a vague memory of seeing Google doing something like this)

There is also an area for kids to play. This is perhaps the most noisy part of the library.

Overall, this library is quite big and have a different “feel” from Orchard Library. It is a good place for parents to “throw” their kids while they go shopping in VivoCity.

This library is also louder than expected as there are several other non reading activities for kids.

If you can grab a seat that face the sea, it is a great place to hang out or rest after a long day of shopping in Vivo.