Every year during Chinese New year, there would be river hongbao. This year is the same as previous year and it is being hosted at floating platform.

The whole event started on 3rd Feb to 10 feb. There are also fireworks that starts at 10pm everyday.

We visited the place since its also considered a most go during CNY. As expected, it is very pack during weekends. There are so many people everywhere that makes it hard to take photos.

This year seemed to have lesser exhibition compared to the past. I can’t even find the Singaporepool booth to buy Toto.

This is my attempt at taking a photo of artistic event.

Since it’s the year of pig, there is a larger pig lantern.

As usual, there is a meaningless wall.

This year, there is also a large good of fortune. It seemed to match the background with the flyer.

There are also different performance at different time.

The game booth seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. This year. The games are not even by Uncle Ringo even though the entertainment are similar to previous year.

Lastly, the are food carnival. These are generally more expensive than normal food. I don’t recommend coming here on empty stomach.

Overall, river hongbao seemed plain in comparison. There are nothing new or special and my reasons for going had disappeared. (buying toto). However, as a Singaporean Chinese, you ought to go down at least once to experience the new year atmosphere.