Today is Valentines day. Today is the day where guys spend a lot of money on their spouse. I am no exception to this as I prepared flowers and booked a dinner in a nice restaurant.

This year, I bought preserved flowers instead. I find it such a waste to throw flowers after they wither in a week time. (especially when flowers are more expensive during Valentines) these preserve flowers not only looked good, but also last very long. In fact, they lasted at approximately 3 years.

This year, we visited the same diner as preview year at Liang Court.

The food wasn’t anything fantastic but we came for the atmosphere. There were plenty of Japanese in the shop to make feel that this place is authentic.

We ate beef cube with Okinawa rice and Okinawa rice with toufu. Both tasted ok, but the pink guava beer was quite good.

Anyway, back to reality was there is work tml 😭😭😭