We left the hotel early and settled for breakfast at McDonald. McDonald in Japan still sell McGriddles.

After our breakfast, we hasten our steps to travel to Osaka. Kyoto to Osaka was just a few stops away using the JR pass.

Upon reaching Osaka, we decided to visit Nijio Castle. This was a place to learn about some history in Japan. The castle mainly talks about a particular Tokugawa Shogunate, how he rise and fall etc. It is more about history than scenery.

It is better to buy tickets from the tickets counter instead of the self service machine in order to enjoy some tourist discount.

Honestly speaking, there wasn’t much in the castle. You will need to climb 8 storey to the rooftop (unless you want to join the long queue for lift) to enjoy the view and slowly make your way down. We read some of the history and moved on. It’s good for people who liked history.

In short, it’s good to visit here at least once.

We proceed to ShinSeKai for lunch / dinner. This place is famous for their yakitori. However, the restaurants over here tends to allow people to smoke inside. As non smoker, this is a bad experience for us.

Also, the table have a sauce holder for their common yakitori sauce where you can dip your yakitori into it. It feels kind of gross to me as I will not know what the previous people did with the sauce. It’s all based on faith when using the sauce. For the particular restaurant that we have patronised, the store owner will pour the sauce over a filter to get ride of all the fried fritters before reusing the sauce for the next customer.

There is also another tower where you can climb up to have a overview of the city. But there are too many towers in Japan to climb. 😵😵😵

I also ate another round of Takoyaki and it still tasted average. The store has lots of celebrity photo and takoyaki was sold out at 5pm. I guess it is a famous store? I actually prefer Singapore’s Takoyaki instead. Takoyaki in Japan tends to taste more mushy.

After our trip here, we decided to go to Dotombori. This place consist of mainly food and food and food. We don’t really find much things to shop except for the pharmacies.

Also, it is a must to take photo with the Glico man.

It’s a bit hard to take photo with the crowd though. There were a lot of people trying to take the photo here.

At last, We went back to our hotel after a long and tiring day.

For our hotel in Osaka, we were starting at Sarasa hotel. It ends up as another small hotel room. The place is clean, but slightly small.

Overall, the hotel is still quite convenient and close to the trains. Most attractions are free train stops away. The hotel is also walking distance to Kuroda Market.

Day 3 – Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Day 5 – Osaka, Nissin Cup Noodle Factory