Once day started, we headed to Kuroda Ichiba Market. This place is walking distance from our hotel and is a good alternative to the famous Tsukiji Market. Most of the stuff sold here are almost identical and is less crowded. You can also easily order fresh seafood and Waygu beef that is even cooked in the spot.

There was a lot of beef store in this market and somehow, I think that the beef here taste better than those from Tsukiji Market. Also, for people who had never tried sea urchin, it might be good to try a small portion before investing large amount of money. We were glad that we spent only 500 yen on a sea urchin sushi instead of 2000 yen on a bowl of sea urchin. My wife decided that area urchin is too fishy for her liking.

It is good to note that this place is also quite crowded. So it might be good to visit early to beat the crowd.

While heading to our next station, we pop by St.Marc to rest our feet. There is a branch that opened in Singapore, and we just decide that we need to give this a try.

Subsequently, we headed over to the “must visit” nissin cup noodle factory.


Lots of cup noodles was also on display and you can get to learn about the history of the cupnoodles.20181104_1340175494425530552251528.jpg

The cup noodles were surprisingly affordable. Each custom cup noodle coat only 300 yen and each person is entitled to 3. At the end of the day, the cup noodle even has a inflatable bag to hold the cup noodles.


It is very worth the visit and everybody visiting Osaka should give this a try.

Furthermore, there are various exhibiting to learn more about cup noodles, the life of the inventor etc.

After the trip, we visited Ippudo that is right outside of the museum.

As usual, my taste bud says that it taste absolutely normal.

We went to shop around Osaka City and settle for another round of random food. Somehow even random food taste good as well.


Day 4 – Nijio Castle

Day 6 – Kawaguchiko