For our 2nd day in Kyoto, we headed to Nara. The journey to Nara was a 1 hour JR ride. Nara is a rather scenic place that is well suited for a day trip from either Kyoto or Osaka. This is the place to catch all the deers.

Within Nara, it is relatively simple to travel around. The default attractions are arrange in a circular manner.

After alighting the train station, we immediately took the bus to visit Todaiji temple. We were soon greeted with many deer in the park. Most of the deer will literally just shit on the ground.

There were so many cleaners hired to just clean the the shit. There was also many stall that sell food for feeding the deer. All of the stall sells similar snack at similar price. It really depends on who you want to buy from.

No matter how mild the deer is, you should not try to agitate the deer. There are still risk of them attacking humans in order to protect themselves.

In the midst of visiting all the deer in Nara, we slowly ventured to Todaiji temple. Apparently this is a temple with a large Buddha Statue that believers can offer their prayers. The statue is one of largest statue in Japan, and the temple is the largest wooden temple in Japan.

This temple is 1 of the must visit location when going to Nara.

After Todaiji, you can just walk over to Kasuga temple. Apparently this is 1 of those temple for people looking to boost their “love”luck.

After the temple and shrine, we headed to Nara Park, which is also a walking distance away.

Over her, you can notice lots of deers roaming freely around. It’s quite a nice place to hang out for a while.

We headed over to this particular restaurant to have our late lunch. It was a random discovery, but it turned out great.

The interior was traditional Japanese tatami, and the dishes was rather delicious too. It’s kind of expensive as both of our dish cost around ¥3500. The place seemed to be famous for grill eels. However, I think that the Man Man Unagi in Singapore tasted better.

After the meal, we walked along the street and shopping area continued our journey for more food and shopping.

I am not exactly sure where this street is.

Also, there was a famous Mochi shop that you should try. I think it taste average though.

The amazing part is when you see people making the mochi. I guess this is a pretty famous store as the queue for the Mochi is quite long.

We headed back to Kyoto and settled our dinner a Okonomiya restaurant near the train station.

They gave us mini spatula to continue to fry our yakisoba.

This Okonomiya seemed to be a local favourite and has few tourist. This is our first time eating Okonomiya in such a manner. It is quite nice and very Japanese. I kind of recommend this place. 😁😁😁

End of day 2
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