Singapore – Tokyo – Kyoto

We have decided to head to Japan for a short honey moon after our wedding. For this trip, we will be going to Kyoto, Osaka, Kawaguchiko and Tokyo.

Firstly, we manage to book a decently cheap ticket. As a result, we are required to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto on our first day. This cause us to reach the hotel at almost 2pm despite taking the midnight flight.

The view of the plane’s wing with sun rise looks quite artistic.

We took Singapore airline and was rather pleased with the services. The inflight entertainment contain lots of new movies and the device itself is not lagging. Personally, I watched skyscrapers and tomb raider.


My inflight meal was Saba fish with fried rice. I find it unexpectedly nice.


When we reached Narita airport, we headed over to the JR Pass office to exchange for the JR pass. We decided to splurge for the green car (the more expensive JR Pass at $770~~). This gave allow us to have a higher guarantee for trains with green cabin. These green cabin are like “first class” equivalent for trains. Not all train have green cabin, but those with green cabin have larger seat space with barely any people inside.

Our JR pass allow us to board most of the JR line except for Nozumi line. Nozumi line requires us to pay extra fee and the duration of the journey is slightly faster (approximately 10-15min faster)

We even packed some of the Japan railway Bento to eat during the ride.


Not sure why, I was rather disappointed to eat the bento as they are all cold. These bento are priced around ¥1000, which cost almost the same as a normal meal.



Subsequently after we reach Kyoto, we dropped our luggage and headed to Nikishi Market. This is a must go in Kyoto as the place sells a lot of local delights. It is a 5 block long shopping street with more than several hundred of shops and restaurants.

Food in Kyoto generally cost around ¥500-1000.

There were so many stores that sells macha product and I cannot really tell them apart.

Apparently Japan does not encourage eating while walking. That’s why you can barely find any rubbish bin to dispose of your food. Shops usually had trash bin for eating customers to throw their trash. You can also just return the rubbish back to the store owner if you cannot locate the owner. I have not seen any owner that refused my rubbish.

After our shopping at Nishiki market, we headed over to Gion area to shop. These are long stretches of shop house and shopping area. Things tend to be slightly more pricey. Also, most of the shop closes at 8-9pm.

We eventually settled for Ichiran for our dinner. The queue was not that bad as it only took us 30 minutes to get a seat?

I am not sure if it is me, but I do not taste anything special. Everybody has been telling me Ichiran has the best ramen in Japan. 🤔🤔🤔

My wife said that the chilly and vinegar is nice? Both of these that I do not eat. Haha. 🤣🤣🤣

This piece of paper is only used as a reference as customers will order from the machine after they enter

Within Gion, there is also a nice looking music theatre. It might be worth going in.

The Garnett hotel

This was my hotel. It turns out that all my hotel in Japan are small. The TV doesn’t even offer any English or Chinese channels. This particular hotel even offer a face steam and a foot massager.

Overall this is quite a good hotel. The location is good also. The hotel is in between 2 different lines and has a convenient store nearby.


Day 2 – Nara Park