Recently I have a weird desire to try Yoga at home. I’ve been referencing YouTube videos and mobile apps to do some simple Yoga to do rather than spending money to go for classes.

Also, I cannot shake the thought that Yoga is a female activity so I don’t really like to let people know that I am doing it. Additionally, my most of the classes consist of mostly women as well.

Why Yoga?

I have a impulsive thought to try Yoga because I do not really want to sweat too much. Usually I will try for higher intensity workout and my sweat will be dripping all over the floor. Furthermore, I will need to rest around 1.5 hours, including washing up.

Also, my current house does not have a good place to run. Hence, I stopped running recently.

For a beginner who refused to pay anything, I have decided trying an app call “Keep Yoga”. Somehow the app seemed seemed good enough for me. It’s sufficient for me to do and hide at my own house without letting people know what I am doing.

Furthermore, the duration of exercise is less than 30 minutes each and have a comprehensive sets of yoga from basic to strength to back to flexibility. It’s quite a good deal.

Also, it looks ok if I mirror the screen to a TV. Everybody should do this instead of staring at the small phone. And the music on the phone is not loud enough.

Lastly, yay, I have burnt 66 calories.

I guess I might try this app for a while more. I need more stretching for my aging back as I always have backaches. Any form of stretching seemed to help.