Last weekend, my department had a company dinner at Asian Market Cafe. It seemed to be a tradition in Singapore where boss will treat their staff to a meal during the start of the year.

Asian Market Cafe offers buffet for dinner and it is seriously expensive. 😳😳😳 The dinner is approximately $60 per person. Although there are a lot of choices, I do not think that I have ate $60 worth of food.

This place serves durian puree. This is 1 of my favourite dish when I eat buffet.

Also, there are lots of DIY stall or stall that have chef to cook dish for you. There is even a roti prata booth. This is the first time I see people having a roti prata booth instead of a omelette booth.

Lastly, since this is a Chinese New Year Dinner, there is also an unavoidable Yu Sheng.

However, our Yu Sheng is super expensive. Furthermore, nobody came to help us pour the ingredients in with auspicious words. I do expect more from a $88 Yu Sheng and that we even order 2 of them since we have a large group.

Overall, we spend approximately $75 per person. Also, it is hard to get a parking lot in the building. The food taste ok, but some of us had diarrhoea after the meal.

The choice of food is only decent and includes a bit of everything. Eg, seafood only has prawn, scallop and oyster. Japan has salmon and sushi.

I do not think that I will return for a meal again, especially for Chinese New Year Dinner.