My weekend started in a random hectic manner again. My post starts on a Thursday today.

On Thursday, I met up with my friends who is trying to sell insurance to me. I have been trying to avoid this friend but finally agreed because my other critical illness insurance have expired. I guess I should buy 1 of it as it insure me until 100 years old?

Also, he also try to sell me on another protection that allows me to claim up to 15% if my parent had gotten the critical illness.

Guess I will read up more before I do a post on insurance myself.

On Fri-Date, we went and ate at hot tomato. The scrimp and beef pasta is not bad. It was only that day when I notice that Hot Tomato only uses olive oil for cooking.

Saturday was dental day as I went dental. It end up as an expensive trip.

Link to my dental post

In the evening, we went to Xiao Guilin. It was quite an amazing place in Singapore to visit as the place is kind of situated in our jungle forest.

You can take nice photo with this big rock?

However, there were many mosquito as my groups of 6 ended up with my bites after the trip.

Sunday started off with us going to CuiHua (翠华) at Clarke Quay. There was a decent queue when we reach at 12 and we got in within 20 minutes.

The place is not bad, but kind of expensive. Their menus are designed to look like newspaper.

The staff are quite friendly as provided me with knife and extra plates when I am just talking to 👩🏻.

The whole experience at this place was quite good until some chef “forgot” to cook our chicken wings. The chicken wing for my table and another stranger’s table only came 35 minutes later, after we finished all our food.

I guess it’s not a usual thing so I would still recommend this place.

Sunday ended with some housework. Arggghhhhh