From Singapore to Singaporean

The Singapore Bicentennial is 5 part journey where you can go on an experience as far back as 1299 and learn the history of Singapore until modern day. By using special lighting, visual and environmental effects, you will be able to experience an unique trip that you will truly appreciate.

The experience is held at Fort Canning Centre and they offer shuttle bus from Raffles Place and Dhoby Ghaut. Surprisingly, “Fort Canning Centre” canbot be located on the Grab map. We used Google map and exported the location to grab.

Upon reaching, we were almost denied entrance as we were late by 2 minutes. We consider ourself lucky as the staff allowed us to join the immediate group. 😂😂😂

The whole journey has 5 different parts and it seemed to be mostly about “rain”. The first act showed rain that “reverse” in direction and travel upwards to signify time travel.

There was also a part where we need to carry umbrella and “weather” through the rain to understand history.

The 2nd act was also interesting as the organiser made real human to walk on a treadmill as part of the show.

However, many times, it is rather hard to watch the “show” as they can happen in multiple areas in the same place. What you see may not be the same as what other see as the screen is limited.

At the end of the show, there is a voting where you can vote whether you think Singaporeans are “openness”, “multi culturalism” or “self determined”.

I voted for multiculturalism as it has always been amazing that different culture can co-exist in Singapore and this is almost impossible in other country. Singaporean accept that all culture are equal and can co-exist with each other. The fact that there are country that riot as they wanted to fight for culture inequality speaks a lot for Singapore.

Sadly, self determination won. Hmmm.

Anyway, there is also a small booth by Naiise that sells some “Singapore” history related souvenirs.

The food outside is rather pricey and does not looked appetising.

Before the whole event end, it would be good for people in Singapore to join this event. It’s free and offer great experience that should not be missed.