This week has been a very hectic weekend as I did many things from Friday to Sunday. Everyday seemed quite busy with different things.


After work, I rushed to visit the Singapore Bicentennial Experience at Fort Canning Park with 👩🏻. We were almost denied entrance as we were slightly late. I remember we were late by 2 minutes and it is sufficient for us to miss the show.

Nevertheless, we managed to join the experience and really enjoyed the show as it is something out of the routine.

Read more about Bicentennial in this link


We headed over to our friends event first. This was one of the “Design Pasar” cum national day event. It was white a mini bazaar with little bit of everything. It’s supposed to be a collaboration between 3 companies and it seemed to be a great success to me.

Roger & Son is a local carpentery company in Singapore.

Next, We headed over to marina barrage to watch ndp fireworks. This is the first time I went to barrage to watch fireworks. The atmosphere was quite good as everybody dressed up in red and there are people singing ndp songs.

The live band really makes the atmosphere more ndp.

The fireworks is quite nice albeit hidden by MBS.


We went to JB to do some shopping. I will be creating a post in it soon.

We left our house at 6am and came back in the afternoon. We went several supermarket and so by mid valley mall before returning.

We ate a rather different Baku teh. It wasn’t anything fascinating but my in law liked it. This is from 华美肉骨茶.

One of the super market offers many things at 2.10rm. I bought a few rubbish that 👩🏻really rolled eyes.

Lunch was at kyochon chicken. I guess it’s better in Korea?

The road was not really named when we return at 3.30pm.

End of weekend. Next week will be a short week.