Mid Autumn will happen on 13 September and it has already been my habit to visit Garden by the bay to see the mid autumn lighting. There are many things to see send they are usually free.

It is not advisable to drive there as the parking lots are super packed. It defeats the purpose if you need to drive and walk further from marina barriage instead.

Here’s the list of activities.

The garden rhapsody is really nice. The show times are 745 and 845. They play a series of songs and music including Chinese, English and Malay songs.

There are many large scale lantern and some of them are really nice. If you are visiting this place at night, do be aware that it is very crowded, so it is write hard to get a full body shot without anybody interrupting the photo.

There are also mini carnival games available.

There are even food booth and they are not that expensive, maybe just a dollar more than usual.

If you have nothing to do, just head over to Garden By the Bay to see the lighting that happen once a year.