I had the rare opportunity I be able to visit attack X that is organised by GovTech. This seemed to be a big event by them as they even booked a few small halls at suntec.

There were 2 speaker that are not from govtech and they were Randy Hunt from Grab(I did not catch what he does) and head of product design from Carousell (this time I did not catch his name). To be honest, I really dunno what they were trying to say. The examples quoted doesn’t seemed to have much meaning as well.

The session after the “honourable” guest speaker is even more worse. Hmmmm.

And to be fair, it’s not all that bad. The food was really good. Haha. They hired nectorsg for yogurt and coffee from Dutch colony.

These 2 are pretty good and I am lucky tto be able to grab a cup of those before they ran out.

Also, I have absolutely no idea why the teh tarik booth needs a chef with a white hat. Hmmmmm.

This feel funny. Hmmmm. Everybody that attend this meeting is supposed to be working in other government agency.

This is the first time I am attending such session and I guess I should try to understand that I will not learn anything mcuh from the session?