In Singapore, Chinatown is a “must go” during Chinese New Year. This year is no exception and I visited Chinatown over the weekend to join the crowd.

As this is the year of the rat, there lightnings are more “rat” themed. But I do find this year’s lighting kind of ugly and looked like a rat infestation instead.

After you reach Chinatown, you should visit the very crowded street and can just walk along it. The spirit of festivals in Singapore is joining large crowd. 😂😂😂

As per every year, there are people selling peanuts and jelly. I suppose there are many people who come just to try those peanuts that people was selling without actually buying them. They were more than happy for you to try. There were interesting flavors for peanuts such as “garlie peanut”, “brown sugar peanut” and even “Orange skin flavored peanut”?

You can also grab new year decorations here. There were lots of design and priced reasonably. I did bought quite a few for my house.

Lastly, you can also watch performance as well. These are usually Hokkien songs and start at around 8pm?

Overall, this is 1 of the must do activities as Chinese in Singapore. But I do find a lack of festive mood in this location this year.