Gnomes are working hard this Christmas season as they can be seemed all over in the flower dome. The indoor largest garden in Singapore has a revamp to include Christmas decorations.

I had a great time taking photos of these gnomes placed all over the garden. The decorations seemed to tell a tale of how Santa prepare and delivers the present.

The ironic thing is that I did not really pay attentions to most of the flowers (Probably because I visited this place quite frequently). Usually the theme is still related to flowers but I find that “flowers” seemed to taken a secondary seat this season. There was little emphasis on the flower beds and no special flowers were introduced.

This place is particularly crowded last weekend when I visited and I barely get a spot for the photogenic spots.

There was even a queue at cloud dome where I experienced for the very first time in the many years that I come to gardens by the bay. This might also be due to Christmas Wonderland exhibition that’s happening outside and the increase of guest attending a wedding inside flower dome.

Nevertheless, as I got the ticket at a cheaper rate, it did help me to enjoy this place more. I do recommend people to pop by to take a look to enjoy some “nature” if they are planning to visit Christmas Wonderland at night.