Singapore has implemented circuit breaker for almost 2 months. Most of the shops in Jewel are closed except for restaurants and supermarket. Shops are Jewel even have their rental waived 50% for 6 month (Link)

Today, we decided to visit Jewel to check out what’s open in Jewel and buy something for our lunch. I saw from other people’s post and have longed been wanting to visit Jewel. The number of local case in Singapore is not really that high and the high number are mostly confined to the foreign dormitories where they are quarantined else where. Hence, I do still feel safe about visiting the airport.

The road to the airport quite empty as I drove my car. Everywhere is not as crowded as queues were all shorter than usual. I just find it a tad irritating that we need to “check in” then “check out” everywhere. Eg, after checking in to Jewel, you will still need to check in to individual shops such as Ntuc and A&W.

SafeEntry app in Singapore

We headed over to the supermarket (NTUC Finest) when we reached. The supermarket was surprisingly big and had most of the things we need. I was surprised why there is such a big supermarket at the airport in the first place.

There were not a lot of people, considering weekend.
All the items are filled

Also, pharmaceutical (Watson) is also open.

Many shops offer takeaway and some every have discounts. Eg, A1 has 30% off all menus and a few restaurants sells bento set.

1 of the promo during this period
Previously this was a 1hr queue. Now it’s less than 30 minutes queue
Same with A&W
Not all restaurant are open though
KOI is quite crowded. Singapore’s love for bubble tea

This is the 2nd time I have visited Jewel during this period and I kind of enjoy coming.

The nice fountain view in the middle, the lack of people, the lack of queue…….

It makes Jewel more enjoyable. Although many shops are close, I can get to better enjoy those that are open.

I will probably go to the supermarket frequently even after Covid19.