Every resident in Singapore will be able to collect their free resuable mask that can filter bateria on 26 May 2020. This mask is supposed to be an improvement over the previous cloth mask as it has an extra water resistant layer that is good up to 30 wash. The waterproof layers helps to reduce virus penetrations through water molecules in the air. This helps protect you from others.

This mask is made by a textile company called Ghim Li and can be collected at various locations all over Singapore. Since this is the 3rd time residents can collect free mask, I suppose most people would have already known where to collect. Alternatively, that can visit this website to find out where to collect.


The last row is meant for children while the rest are meant for adults

I collected mine at the nearest community centre and it was quite hassle free. There was a staff who is there to help me scan my NRIC. You can also use the SingPass app to open your NRIC scan. Collection is completed within seconds.

The new mask

The new mask is more or less the same. It states clearly that you can only wash it up to 30 times and there are news articles that suggest that you should not overwash as it might cause staining.

In terms on comfort level, it feels that same to me. Both are rather hard to breathe compared to a surgical mask. It quite uncomfortable and I rather wear my pita mask that allows an easier breathing.

There is a metal strip at the top to press against the nose like normal surgical mask. This is only found in the new mask.
The mask hinders my spectacles
The new mask versus old mask

Overall, it is an improvement over the previous mask. A similar mask sells for $9.90 at the supermarket. As this was issued by the Singapore Government for free, I would say that the mask is very good. People that has issue with the mask can simply just buy their own mask instead.

The Singapore Government has done a good job