9 August was Singapore National Day 2020. Time flies so fast this year that it is already NDP before we all barely did anything in this covid outbreak. NDP this year was slightly different than before and with slightly different celebrations to reduce the crowds.

There was also the NDP goodie bag that was issued out earlier – – > link

National Day started in the morning this year with the red lions jumping off the parachutes at 9am in the morning.

Red Lions in the sky

The parachutes event lasted only for a while though. And it was an hour later for the next event.

There is also the Singapore Flag being carried all over the island as well as fighter jets.

Subsequently, there are “mobile Column” display where army vehicles drove around the island for display. It ranges from tanks to ambulances to fire engines, bridging unit and others.

There was a large crowd despite covid 19. But at least everybody is wearing mask.

That concluded the morning parade.

In the evening, we caught a bit of the national day show on TV before heading out for the fireworks. This year’s NDP show was not that good though.

The official national day song for 2020 by Nathan Hartono (Everything I Am)


Additionally, JJ sang duet with Stephanie (Stay with you)


This year, the location of fireworks was vague as they did not want overcrowding and the fireworks location was planned at 10 different locations island wide. This did not work as expected as the firework locations are super crowded.

I was still stuck in the car when firework started so I find myself trying to enjoy the firework instead of taking photos of it. The fireworks is nice, especially when watched with family members.

Overall, I do hope that NDP gets continues in this manner instead of concentrated in 1 spot so that more people can enjoy NDP.

Happy Birthday Singapore