Over the years, backaches comes with age and my back is getting worse. This is even worse during Covid period where I need to work from home without proper office chair. I have tried TCM and yoga and both method doesn’t seemed to solve the root cause. As such, I decided to embark on a different treatment by visiting a chiropractor.

I chanced upon this when I say one of the influencer on Instagram posted here visit to the chiropractor. After finding more information, I realised that there was a branch that was relatively near my house.

I visited the branch at Kovan and it was usually packed. There were always people and you should need to wait four up to 1hour at times.

Seeing so many people meant that this chiropractic is good?

I signed up for the trial at $38 and visited on the assumption that I will incur additional cost from X-ray given this is standard for all chiropractic. The $38 trial 1 basic postural analysis as well as some adjustment. The chiropractor will also speak to you and will probably say that they needed an x-ray for further analysis and recommend you to go for the x-ray that cost about $200.

Nevertheless, I went for an x-ray and came back with my results. The chiropractor explained the x-ray to me and recommended a 32 session that cost $3000.

Yes. $3000

This include 32 chiropractic adjustment session and 8 massage session. This meant that for the first 8 weeks, there was a 30 minute massage session as well as chiro session. After my 8 week, they decide to try upsell me the massage session.

X-ray Sessions

There are 2 x-ray sessions that is included in the package. The first session will take 5 snapshot of your neck and lower back. The chiropractor will analyse the x-ray with you after the x-ray session. You will also get to keep the x-ray scan subsequently.

At the last 2nd session, you can take 1 more x-ray of 1 body parts. Generally, the clinic recommends the neck scan and reluctantly allow me to take my lower back. My lower back x-ray showed no improvement. I did not go back for the x-ray review as I am sure it would be another session for them to upsell me the package.

Functional Wellness

Natrahea calls their massage session functional wellness. This is basically an expensive massage that only last 30 minute. This meant that there is not enough time for a full body massage. I think it’s cheaper if you do a 60 min full body massage outside instead.

Chiropractic Sessions

From the start, I have been emphasising that I came to chiropractic for my lower back. However, the entire clinic kept doing neck stuff for me. There is only 1 move for the lower back and I do not believe that that particular move will help to straighten my lower back.

For the neck, there are many times they did not manage to crack my neck and skipped that part.

During peak periods, 1 of the chiropractor tends to shorten the treatment until I switch to the other chiropractor.

My journey to and fro is 1.5 hours, waiting time is 5 to 45 minutes but my chiro session is 5 to 10 minutes.

It’s super irritating when it is only 5 minute after a 45 minute wait. Chiropractic YouTube videos are usually 15 minutes long.

The trial session is exactly the same as a normal session. Do not expect anything different.

Side Notes

It turns out that many people tap into their insurance or company benefit to pay for the expensive chiro. Do inform Natrahea before signing the package and they can “assist” in the diagnosis.

Additionally, they provide a neck revival roll that you can use to aid the neck recovery. However, I did not go to chiro for neck issue.


I have completed by 32 session and will not be renewing my chiro. I feel that it does work for certain people especially neck and upper body related issue including migraine and headaches. However, it has minimal impact for me and I have decided to switch back to my normal TCM treatment.

Do go for the chiropractic trial and make sure it works before signing the package. It did not work for me and the 32 sessions also did not have too much impact on my lower back and this was proven by the x-ray.