The newest floral display for 2020 is Dahlia Dreams. This is also a floral display meant for Chinese new year. There are more than 1,400 dahlias with mixed varieties, all grown in-house for the very first time gown by garden by the bay’s own horticulturists. This floral display also includes a series of Lunar New Year floral favorites such as azaleas, chrysanthemums and cymbidiums.

Dahlia has different meaning based on the different colour. White mean purity and innocence, pink mean grace, kindness and beauty, purple symbolize royalty or perfection, read mean strength and power, green mean something new and black means betrayal, cheating and unfaithfulness.

This event last from 15 Jan to 21 Feb 2021 at the flower dome. I’ve visited the place on 17th January 2021.

Frankly speaking, this floral display is not very good. It may be due to the wet weather at the start of the year, the flowers seemed to lack certain vibrancy. It may not be good to visit within this period as we saw pots of plants awaiting to be planted.

This is part of the main display

Even for photo zone, there were only a few items that is good for photo taking. There is series of lantern in the middle of the walking zone

There are a few of such display for photo taking

I find that the flowers seemed to be taking a secondary seat for this particular floral display and the main decorations are lacking. I find myself not noticing the dahlias even though there are supposed to have more than 1,400 dahlias.

Lion dance that cannot move. It’s static without any movement or sound

As my image shows, the main attractions doesn’t seemed to include too much flowers in it. We completed the entire tour within 1 hour.

Given the current situation with Covid, there is nothing much for Singaporeans to do. I would say that this is a good place to enjoy some of the Chinese New Year atmosphere with aircon included. It is relatively empty on a Sunday when I visit as there are much lesser people compared to Christmas.

There are other things to do at Garden By the Bay.

Satay By the Bay

If you time the trip correctly, you can visit Satay By the Bay after the trip for a meal. This is a short 15 minutes walk from the flower dome. It serves traditional Singapore dishes and I do find the taste to be relatively ok. However, the price is slightly expensive but it’s still worth a try if you are waiting for the Garden Rhapsody.

You are immediately greeted with the satay smoke when you enter the place and there are lots of street food. The food served are generally good for sharing with a group of people.

Look at the dishes that we ordered for 6 people!

I did enjoyed my dinner as we slowly stroll back to the gardens to view the rhapsody.

Garden Rhapsody

Garden Rhapsody has resumed on 8th Jan 2021 and there are 2 shows every day. The show happen at 7.45pm and 8.45pm at the “Supertree Groove”

Somehow the songs are not really intended for Chinese New Year. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the show no matter how many times I watch it. It is really amazing how Singapore can built a man-made attraction for nature stuff.

Do head over and enjoy a day at garden by the day. I’ve walk so much that my legs are aching now!