With covid lasting for than 1 year now, it seemed like supermarket is the best shopping place. NTUC, the supermarket in Singapore, has been gearing up with loads of products for Chinese New year 2021. With most bazaar not being organised in 2021, it seemed that hosting your products in supermarkets is the latest trend. There are surprisingly many promoters in supermarket and offer deals when you buy more.

With mega supermarket in place, these are “essential” services that will never close down. I managed to spent 2-3 hours just shopping within NTUC, buying things for Chinese New Year.

The stash of new year goodies.
Looks at the wide range of Mandrin Oranges.
There are even plants and CNY plants on sales
The amount of seafood delicacies that can be used either as gift or steamboat
Drinks that are on discount
The amount of fried beancurd that are a favourite for steamboats

There really many things available that it became amazing. With most bazaar being closed, it seemed that supermarket are the next “departmental” store to shop.

However, there are also a lot of people here. Given that there are usually no food store, most people will be wearing their mask.

With everybody mask up, hopefully there is no case

I do hope that by wearing mask, everybody will be protected. There is only a few supermarket with food store in Singapore. I hope this very last shopping heaven doesn’t get closed down due to Covid.