I went to Singapore Night Safari last weekend. It had been a while since I last visited this place. Night Safari is probably something that most Singaporean would not go.

With the “Singapore Rediscover Vouchers“, we booked a trip to night safari without spending any money. A ticket to night safari typically cost approximately $46 on weekends. The vouchers did help me save alot of money and allowed me to go to places that I rarely visit in Singapore.

There is quite a crowd (my photo nicely captured lesser people)

We booked a slot at 8.30pm on the night safari website when buying tickets. We managed to enter at 8pm as the night safari have not reach max capacity. I was surprised by the number of people as I do think that it is rather crowded considering the current covid situation.

The team queue was 10 minutes

We started with the tram ride. This was a 40 minute tram ride and brings as around night safari. We got to see many animals and the tram offers a audio guide to the different animal. It was nice having to take a tram without having to sweat. I found it exciting. Lololol 🤭🤭🤭

It’s quite hard to take photo as it rather dark. Its even hard to see some animals.

Lion is walking around
The night safari show

The night safari only offers 1 show due to covid. There used to be 2 but they reduced it to 1 show. Additionally, the show also have reduced capacity. The zoo will flash a QR code 40 minutes before the show and you need to book 45 minute before the show. Somehow it’s rather difficult to book as we missed the first show.

The show was quite nice and we get to see some animals flying /moving around the place.

There are 3 walking trails.

There are 3 walking trails and we started with fishing cat trail. We walked for almost 1 hour before reaching back to the place.

I enjoyed my time at night safari. I think this is a nice place to bring young children long too. I will definitely come again in future.

For people who have not used the Singapore Rediscover Voucher, this is definitely 1 good alternative other than staycations.