My wife and I visited Thong Chai Medical Institution for their fertility clinic recently. Originally, we visited to recover from a miscarriage but we continued subsequently for pregnancy care. Normal traditional western clinic tends to stop prescribing any medicine after the mis-miscarriage surgery. On the other hand, Chinese traditional Clinic will give additional medicine that would aid body healing.

The clinic is located at Sengkang Community Centre, within walking distance from Sengkang Mrt.

The fertility clinic is generally on appointment basis during weekdays. The clinic states that patients can do walk-ins on weekdays. However, it would be better to call the clinic to and check with the nurse as the fertility doctors doesn’t work every day. The fertility doctors may also be rotated for normal TCM duties or it could be their day off.

I had my first appointment on Saturday. The first trip will be slightly earlier at 745am so that the nurse can handle the administration works. However, I was surprised the clinic is packed with people (They offer general free TCM services). As I am I have an appointment, I can approach the counter directly instead of waiting for my turn. People with appointment at 745 or 8 am need to approach the counter to avoid missing the appointment.

I reached at 720am and a queue is already form
It seemed that there are 2 doctors

If you have any documents, do bring them for the visit. This includes HGG count, sperm count and other reports. The doctors here do use the report to aid their diagnosis. The doctors will also provide the ladies with “homework” where they will need to record their temperature.

Generally, ladies get prescribed with herbal medicine that requires a claypot to brew. Guys get tablets that can be swallowed easily.

Typical herbs to brew
Supplements for the guys
Prescription for buying medicine outside
Steps to brew
My claypot that look like a big teapot

For guys, the supplement will easily last until the next appointment.

For ladies, the clinic will give 2 packet of the medicine. Each packet allows you to brew 2 bowl of herbal medicine that will last for 4 days. The medicine is quite bitter. As appointments are usually 2 week apart, this meant that you will require additional medicine. However, the clinic does not allow you to purchase more medicine and prefer patients to use the prescription and purchase from external traditional medicine hall.

I purchased the additional prescription from this shop

I have bought the medicine from a few medicine hall but I prefer this medicine hall the most. The medicine are packed in a “cleaner” manner compared to others. Additional, I tend to whatsapp my prescription earlier to him and he will inform me when it is ready for collection. Regardless of the medicine all, most of them charges me cost approximately $11 per packet. Most of them also allow me to order 1 or 2 packet.

Lastly, before I ordered from the medicine hall, I went to the common places like ZTP and Hock Hua. Both of them do not provide such services and they do not have the herbs at their place. It makes me wonder what they are selling.


Thong Chai Fertility Clinic is a good option for couples to visit. You can visit the clinic for post-miscarriage care or fertility treatment. Normal western doctors doesn’t really prescribed additional supplements to aid body recovery like these Chinese fertility clinic. For fertility treatment, they do recommend to visit only if the lady is above 35 years old and have been trying to conceive for more than 1 year.

Amazingly, my wife is pregnant again 2 months after the miscarriage. The fertility clinic also prescribe additional medicines to “protect” the womb.

Lastly, the clinic operate on a donation basis. The medicines for ladies costed $22 if I were to buy on the market and male supplement cost more than $20 on online market. Do donate sufficiently if the clinic helps!