We chanced upon this baby fair and we decided to visit and check on the baby stuff that we may need. Originally I thought that this was a “fair” but it is simply just a big store that sells a wide variety of stuff.

Almost the fair is between 3-11April, the promotion will last until 18 April 2021. (And I am sure that there will be more offer during other periods of the year)


Mummy market is located at Suntec City Tower 4. The nearest MRT is promenade on the circle line.

The shop is beside MacDonalds

Before you head down, you can browse their website to check out the variety of things offered. Sometimes, parent would visit the store earlier and wait for promotional periods before buying the items.

The place is quite big and offer comprehensive range of product

The store has very friendly staff and promoters who are helpful to provide information that you may be interested in. I have learned a lot from my trip. The staff and promoters are surprisingly not pushy and offer good advice. Of the 2 staff and 1 promoter that I have encountered, none of them has asked me to make any purchase immediately (However, they do shared the promotional period). I really like such staff/promoters.

The main thing that we are considering at the moment (we are still early in early pregnancy stage) are the baby cots and baby strollers. The store offers a checklist for mothers to workout the “purchase” plan.

Baby Cribs

I’m considering this baby cot that can be easily modified

For baby cribs, the important thing to note is the size. A bigger cot meant a larger space in your house. We will be getting this cot as it seemed to be the biggest. This meant that the cot can be used until 3 years old with the side bars being modified.

The 9-in-1 crib caught my eyes too. With so many uses.

There are also other crib but I think that I prefer wooden over plastic cribs. The side of the crib can also be lowered so that I can alight it with my bed during night times.

Baby Stroller

There are 2 types of baby stroller. 1 is a baby stroller only and the other is a baby stroller with travel seat bundled.

Baby Fair | [New Launch Exclusive Promo] Hamilton X1 PLUS MagicFold Stroller FREE Hamilton Bassinet + Adaptor (worth $368)

Originally, we wanted the latter but we found that the baby seat is rather heavy. It is almost not possible for the wife to carry with the baby inside. The stroller is also generally more heavy. The wife may not be able to handle alone without the husband. Additionally, the seat is only suitable for 0-12 months baby. Hence, a shorter life span. The seat can be used in a car. It might be good for mothers who “grab” alone when baby is less than 1 years old.

The only minicooper that I can afford is this baby stroller. But it cost $399. The stroller seemed easy to open and close and easy to carry. Such stroller is 4-5 kg lighter than those with a additional travel baby seat.


It might be a good idea to visit this place and learn on baby purchase. I have learnt a lot and will be visiting this place again in future to make my official purchase. I do not usually see such a big shop that sells baby items.

Definitely worth coming!!