Singapore has reached Phase 2 (Heighten Alert). This meant that a lot of activities has been reduced. However, Singaporeans can still go on tour within Singapore. The expiry date for Singapore Rediscover Voucher has also been extended to 31st Dec 2021. This meant that Singaporeans can use these voucher at later stage when it is more “safe” for outdoor activities.

Nevertheless, I manage to use my voucher for this Captain Explorer DUKW Tour before the phase 2(Heighten alert) has been implement.

Examples of the boat/land ride

I’ve made my reservation through klook and used by SRV vouchers. Subsequently, you will need to make a reservation by emailing or call (+65) 6738 3338 / 6738 9897 with your preferred date and time. My desired date and time was not available in Klook but when i emailed citytour, they manage to provide me a slot for my desired date and time.

The map of the Tour

The tour starts on the land to the sea then to the land again. The boat will also stop at the Merlion for phototaking.

This ride is an authentic Vietnam war era vehicle that can runs on a maximum of 50km/h. As this is a very old vehicle, it is extremely bumpy on the land. The tour guide provides a brief tour and talks about interesting histories that happens within the area that many Singaporeans would not have known.

The guide does try his best to talk about most of the building that we have been. He does not miss out details seeing that we were all Singaporeans.

You can get to take a photo with Merlion from the From
Many of the famous Landmarks near MBS

Charlie Chaplin came to Singapore in 1932

You will go pass by the hotel Charlie Chaplin has stayed

Overall, the trip is really quite fun for me. It may be short 45 minute journey, but I did learn a lot. Without the SRV vouchers, I would have probably never visited this place. It was a good experience and I would definitely recommend it to others. Rather than using the SRV for staycation, I do recommend using it for tours like this where you will gain extra knowledge.

Just don’t sit right in the first 2 row. You will get wet.