Singapore Temasek Foundation has made yet another attempt for covid. After giving mask and hand sanitizer, the Temasek Foundation is now giving free Oximeter.

Covid-19 can cause blood exygen levels to drop and an oximeter is a good way to check. (Even though not practical, but you can check your SP02 level on adhoc basis.)

Each household will receive a leaflet in their letter box.

It says: you must bring this leaflet to collect free oximeter

Apparently, many people threw their leaflet without reading the instruction that is available in 4 language.

Collection areas

This time, you can collect from various supermarkets and pharmacies instead of community center.

The oximeter is quite good. It even includes a lanyard and batteries for the oximeter.

This oximeter is of better quality than those that cheap oximeter from Taobao. It comes with a timer and will inform if you have any abnormal. Most people probably do not know that SP02 needs to fall between 95-100% even if they have an oximeter.

There is a timer at the bottom right for approximately 30 sec
It will says whether there is any irregularity at the end of the session

I am very pleased with this oximeter. This oximeter can even inform people if they have any irregularity without people know the level of good SP02 levels. This is good for older folks.

However, the use of oximeter is really quite limited. I’m not sure if people will record their SPO02 on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, Temasek Foundation has too much money? This is not cheap. This will be a useful if people measures that SPO02 when they suspect that they have covid. I’m not quite sure whether other countries does such a thing like Singapore where all household are issued with mask, hand sanitizer and even oximeter.

I’ll continue to use this oximeter to monitor my own health