This is the 3rd year of covid and most of the covid restriction has already been eased. We are all going around visiting without fearing for covid anymore. As such, I decided to rent a car this year for Chinese New Year.

Originally, I had decided to rent between drivelah but it costed approximately $120 and isn’t that close to my house. I camped at GetGo app and managed to get a booking for a car at my car park.

Additionally, I realised that I did not have to book entire day and simply booked 10 hours per day.

Testing this car as I saw good reviews

I suppose 9am to 10pm is more than sufficient and I should be able to extend if needed (since usually nobody book a car at 10pm).

Level 6

The car is usually situated at level 5 or 6.

Cost for day 1
Cost for day 2

GetGo forgot to update their booking and I manage to book my 2nd day at normal price at $6 per hour.

Including the mileage, I spent approximately $250 for both day. This includes the fuel cost. Most of the parking are free during CNY and I spend minimal in parking. (Only those shopping mall).

Free parking in HDB carpark

The only minor issue with GetGo is that it is slightly inconvenient to lock and unlock car. It was raining rather heavy during first 2 days of CNY and I had to wait for my phone to connect to the car before I can unlock. This usually takes 10 second.

In conclusion, I will probably rent the car again. I had a great experience driving the car and will probably rent again.

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