It’s been a while since I post. I shall start the first post of the year with my visit to River Hongbao on the 3rd day of Lunar Chinese New Year.

River Hongbao is hosted in Gardens by the bay this year from 20th to 28th Jan during Lunar Chinese New year. It has always been a “tradition” in Singapore to visit this place to see the fortune god and experience CNY festive mood.

In general, this is a place to crowd with people, see some art works, take photo and buy some food to eat.

Unfortunately it rain everyday during CNY

Unfortunately, we were greeted with heavy rain with even more heavy rain this year. CNY happened too early and met with the rainy season.

Game booth

The game booth barely have people playing as it was raining non stop. Only static station, 🎠 and a few others were covered.

The official website states that this place will continue to operate even in the rain but it is generally a outdoor event.

At least it’s dry in the food area

We bought some of the usual “Pasar Malam” food to eat while waiting for the rain that never stops.

There wasn’t enough space to take photo of fortune god

The location of the fortune god wasn’t too good for photo taking as the fish blocked the head. The fortune God was housed at another location last year that was much better. That location was taken over by the game area (that probably paid better than fortune god that allowed)

There wasn’t much to see this year. Even the entrance is considered an exhibition. 🤣🤣🤣

Due to the rain, there wasn’t much crowd. I would say it’s kind of a blessing in disguise. 🤭

I happen to chance upon the Dinosaur theme restaurant. There are Dino performance at certain time where the T-Rex and brochoaurous actually move and make noise.

In conclusion, just continue the tradition and visit this place.