Artbox is back this year and is held between

24-26 February 2023 and

3-5 March 2023.

This event is finally back after 3 years. This event has over 100 food store and 300 shopping store.

Lots of things to eat and shop

However, admission requires a ticket that cost $5-7. There are also other packages available on the website so it would be good to check and buy before going. Because of this ticketing, there is relatively less crowd compared to the travel fair that is in the other hall.

Lots of food

There are lots of seats, table and bean bags. This means that you can easily get a spot to enjoy your meals. The meals are slightly pricey but within expectation. There are quite a number of variation but not really a lot caught my eyes. There were queues for some of the food.

I bought mala and chicken cutlet on waffles

My mala is slightly salty and waffles a bit dry. But overall tasted ok.

Expensive carpark

My carpark is expensive. I park for around 4 hours and almost did not have enough money in my cash card.

2 blouse and 1 baby shirt

We bought some clothes that are still decently priced. $27 for 2 blouse and $15 for the shirt for my 👶🏼


This whole event is rather enjoyable. Due to the smaller crowd, there are ample space to move around and easy to find a seat. The queue are ok for most stall (except a few super long).

After you get your food, there are even 2 stage that are host by different people. When I visited, 1 stage was hosted by SGAG while the other was hosted by UFM 100.3. Both are professional enough to enjoy while eating.

There are also quite a number of booth that are not too expensive. (But somehow 3 henna booth). All happening in an aircon environment.

Apart from the expensive entrance ticket, I do recommend visiting this place.