Today is our 2nd day at Malacca.

We settled for breakfast at a Dim Sum place. The place had a long queue, so we decided to give it a chance. I like the culture of the place as different staff would bring different food to the tables and you choose from the trays directly.

We ordered a lot and was super full.

We visited several church and took more photos.

As its super hot, we went to have a bowl of Chengol with Gula Melaka to cool down. (suppose to be a local dish here).

For some reason, we at eat this place and purchased local snacks to bring home.

You will never guess this place sells this, and it is good that you never know. Hmmmm.

Also, we bought this Popiah from a street food store. The queue is super long. The selling price of this seemed to be the large amount of lark oil as it’s exceptional fragrance. I recommend buying this during normal days as the queue on sat is too long to justify the time.

We settled another meal in nearby shopping mall. There were many malls nearby. We settled for boat noodle where they serve noodles in small portion. This allows you to eat in quantity instead of quality.

We even ate durian at road side store. Durian was delicious and cheap but there was plenty of houseflies.

We header to the sand drune in melaka to take more photos. Its a bit far and not accessible without a car. Furthermore, you need to walk for another 10 minutes after you reach.

It’s quite cool and looked like deserts.

We drove around the place before we settled for dinner at a Malaysia Hawker.

We ordered a lot of food and they tasted decent. Haha. Not bad, but not exception. The price is cheap enough to patronise again. Haha.

We shop around before heading back hotel to call it a day.

Day 3

We settled for Daily Fix as our breakfast. The queue is super long and we were lucky to reach early enough.

Sadly the food wasn’t as good and took very long to come. It was average at best and not worth the hype at all.

Argggghh. Super fierce jam. We manage to return home after 3 hours. We were lucky to be there early enough to avoid the even longer crowd.

Malacca Trip day 1